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Powerful Memory

I used to bring young people on the mountain of Mantalongon, Dalaguete for retreats or camping. A mountain experience is already memorable and spending it on the heights of Mantalongon is doubly fascinating. Mantalongon is called the vegetable basket of Cebu; also its summer capital because of its cool temperature even during the warm summer. It is famous for Osmeña Peak rising 3,325 ft above sea level which makes it the highest in the island. Moreover, one beautiful sight on this mountain are the fireflies. Young people are mesmerized to see them at night.

When dusk sets in and everything around turns dark, the stars are clearer and the fireflies gleam. It is only when shadows appear that fireflies are noticeable. They glow brighter in the dark. Every young person scamper to catch one and bring it home. You rarely see fireflies in cities. Either they don’t survive or there’s just too much artificial light. Fireflies glow from the inside. It is produced from a chemical reaction inside their bodies that allow them to light up. The glowing firefly reminds me of the transfiguration of Jesus.

Jesus’ transfiguration is a great glorious vision. For the first time in their three years of staying with him, the disciples caught a glimpse of his true self. He allowed them to see beyond the trappings of his human personality the Son of God that he was. He glowed from the inside and became brighter than the sun. He wanted them to contemplate his divinity and experience a hidden side that would give them hope in the dark days ahead.

In our journey of faith, every day will not always be bright. There will also be moments of darkness, sunsets and shadows. There will be moments of difficult climb on top of the mountain. Sufferings and sacrifice will be part of our struggle. But let the glow of Jesus’ transfigured face sustain us in those difficult days. Let it be a beautiful encouraging memory that gives us strength and courage never to give up in climbing our own Calvary.
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