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Prayers for an Atheist

A day of prayer has been organized for author and outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens who is dying of esophageal cancer by his friend Larry Tauton, an ardent believer in Christ . Though their views are poles apart yet Larry, who heads an Alabama-based group dedicated to defend Christianity, prays for his friend; and Hitcchens takes no offense, the source said.
Hitchens is best known for his 2007 book “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.” This writer has made a career in skewering organized religion. Though he is undergoing his 4th round of chemotherapy he rules out a change of heart. The cancer has now spread in his neck and lungs. Smoking and drinking alcohol regularly has been the cause of his cancer.
He hopes to be remembered with affection by some; with passion by others and hopefully as a good father by his 3 children. As for his work, he would be happy to be recalled simply as one of those “who are attempting to uphold reason and science against superstition.”
Reading about such incidents give me pain in the heart. Its sad to note that people like him see religion as mere “superstition.” This makes me realize that my faith is a great gift. The doubting Thomas was fortunate to have seen the risen Christ. Many today has never yet experience the saving grace of Jesus. Let us pray for them. Its heart-warming to note that Larry, his friend has not given up on him. Perhaps the power of friendship can supply the gap between Hitchens’ science and reason towards intelligent faith.

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