Even with the cold, damp, and stormy weather this morning and the welcome news that there would be no classes for this day, I was quite feeling spiritually low and dry. Stress saps the spirit out of you. As my usual antidote for such aridity, I paused my life and think, as I do so oftentimes before when prayer is dry and the body is gasping for relaxation, about good things in life. I tried listening to some music when Bro. Nino shared a YouTube video with me about Mari and Her Three Pups.

A Moving Story

It was wonderful to feel again those beautiful emotions of loyalty and love. In an atmosphere of gray disillusionment with the chaos of the world, the childlike innocence and sincerity breaks through the dark overcast clouds to warm the heart once more. Yes, there is more to life than the desolation we experience once in a while and it is good to hope in them.
I found what I call ‘raindrops’ for an arid soul, videos from YouTube which might help us reflect and feel once more how good it is to be human and the wonders of the gift that is Life. There are a host of Inspirational Videos in YouTube.

Small Pleasures (Μικρές Χαρές) 2008

by: Constantin Pilavios

What is that? (Τι είναι αυτό;) 2007

by: Constantin Pilavios

KISS – Because I’m a Girl

Most (The Bridge)


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