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I remember years back, after a stormy night like that of the passing of typhoon Pablo, a tree fell along the road going to the Retreat House in Don Bosco Seminary. It caused inconvenience for several days. The tree was big; it was blocking the way. Vehicles could not pass through. It had to be chopped into pieces so that the passage could be cleared.
Upon examination, the big tree fell because it had no more roots. The termites attacked its foundation. When the mighty wind blew, it fell.
The gospel in Mt 7:24-27, Jesus teaches us to be rooted. He compares the wise man to one who built his house upon rock. Its foundation is strong and sturdy. The foolish, however, is liked to one who built his house upon sand. Its foundation is weak. When strong winds blew it, it collapsed!
I would like to suggest three ways to be rooted:
  1. We need to be firm in our faith
Our faith is often tested by trials and difficulties. Even gold is tested in fire. So our faith should endure burning. It is precisely in these experiences of difficulties that we have to make an act of faith. These are the moments when we are to put our faith into action.
  1. We have to be familiar with Scripture
We need to read not just for information. Scripture is not only meant to fill our mind but to strengthen our hearts. We read to be transformed. In immersing ourselves in the Word of God, we acquire the mind of God and the attitude of God. It is also necessary to memorize striking and meaningful verses from Scripture. Through it we can continue to reflect and ruminate on the Word of God which gives power to our spirit. The psalmist declare: the Word of God is a lamp for our feet.
  1. We nourish our friendship with Jesus
Our familiarity with God is the root that strengthen our life. As our roots go deep, we also become person of substance. It gives depth to our lives and guards us from superficiality. We cultivate our close attachment to Jesus through prayer. It is important that we strive to make Jesus come alive in our life. We talk to Him as a living person. We nurture, particularly, our love for the Eucharist where Jesus is hidden. 
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