Scripture Struck @ Lk 1:5-25

4th Day – Misa de Gallo
New Start

Zechariah was a senior citizen. He had no more fire in his eyes. Together with his wife, Elizabeth, they were at the twilight of their life. They were on the terminal chapter of their years. Nothing more to expect.

But an out-of-the-ordinary event would change it all. God tells him personally that his wife will have a child! Incredible. Amazing. Impossible.

The old man could not comprehend. His faith has long been dormant. His doubt made him mute. Yet new life was on the way. His household was electrified with excitement.

With God nothing is impossible. With God there is always a new beginning, a new life. With God miracles can happen. With God, the future is always filled with excitement and expectation. 😊

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