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Scripture Struck @ Lk 1:67-79

9th Day – Misa de Gallo
Keep Hoping

Things do not always happen according to plan. No matter how careful and how well you conceptualize your dream, glitches are bound to happen.

Zechariah had great hopes to have a happy and holy family. He served God since his youth. His wife was the most loving and caring person he had ever met. Moreover, she was a woman of faith.

He dreamt of having a big and boisterous home. With children and grandchildren surrounding him and his wife in old age. He imagined teaching them and guiding them in the ways of the Lord.

But things did not turn out as planned. As the years dragged on in his marriage, there were no signs of children. He was a lonely man in his old age. But he kept praying. He never stopped believing. He was convinced that nothing is impossible with God! 😊
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