Scripture Struck @ Mk 2:13-17

Concerns of Jesus

When Jesus began his Public Ministry he led an out-going lifestyle. He became a public figure. He went everywhere to meet people where they are found.

He focused his time on relating with others. He was often on the road. This young Rabbi was chacterized by his self-giving. He had a welcoming heart.

Moreover, he was willing to give people new chances. He saw them as a “work-in-progress.” He brought out their best potentials by not labeling them. Jesus’ concern was to show that God truly cares; He was not their rival.

Life can be more fulfilling if we form deeper and better relationships. Life can be more satisfying if we can be more welcoming and open. Life can be more exciting if we decide to see others as co-pilgrims rather than competitors. Just like Jesus! 

Pit Senyor everyone! Prititit!!

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