Scripture Struck @ Mt 20:17-28

Counting the Cost

Jesus and his disciples were journeying from Galilee to Judea. They traveled on foot. The walk was not pleasant and comfortable. The most difficult part is the last lap to reach Jerusalem.

From here on, the journey will be continuously uphill. They will be climbing slowly to arrive towards Zion. This will also be Jesus’ worst human experience soon. He will be condemned to carry a heavy cross to Calvary.

This journey is a metaphor of our Christian life. Following Jesus has a cost. It is a call to a deeper sharing in his life. It is a challenge to embrace our cross in daily life.

Today the tendency is to avoid sufferings at any cost. If we can skip pain, the better. But in the process we end up soft and selfish. It is pain that measures the depth of our love because there is no love without enduring. The cost of unconditional love is sacrifice. 

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