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Silent Shouts

I know of a girl that can shout but is never heard. She’s roaring at the top of her lungs but still nobody hears her.

With the level of human knowledge that has been accumulated these past centuries, we assume we know many things. Science has explained fully so many natural phenomena, mathematics have events in formula, thousands have doctorate degrees but still the world is the same. It seems that human progress have never really helped in making the essentials better.

I am writing about the many signals young people send out but are often get unnoticed. Riding in a public vehicle in Cebu South Road, the streets are “adorned” with so much vandal from young people who shout out their name wanting to be noticed. It is sad that they have to go through the pain of writing their name in vandals in order to get the needed attention when they could have felt welcome at home in their families.

We all go through a rebellious phase in life. The surging hormones and confusion in adolescence push us to extremes. We just want to be noticed, to be identified, to be known, to be recognized. We all want our existence to go noticed.

When I see this girl I know, I feel bad not for her but for the people around her. She went into heavy metal music, satanic themes, aggression, and violence, anything that goes against the ordinary so that she can be noticed. We all have tendencies to do that and some of us are like her. And I pity the people around her who remained deaf to her cries.

I believe no one really wants to live in violence. We are all predisposed to goodness and beauty. But when what is essential to our survival: love, care, family, friends, companionship, is taken away we just want it back so badly we go shouting at the top of our lungs but sadly we are never heard.


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One thought on “Silent Shouts

  1. ahmmm…
    i’m struck with this one…
    most of the time especially at times when we felt nobody hears anything that we wanted to say to them or they just closed doors for us.
    or they just being so mean at times…
    but in anyway or another…some of us makes a point to express what they felt in some other ways they can…

    it’s always a sad thing to realized that most of the times people don’t understand us though we tried to reach them out…
    it’s depressing and hurting…
    but i know in time,God will show them what the things they apparently pushes away!

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