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So Ordinary

In 2009 a chubby, Scottish woman with a plain appearance was a contestant on the TV program “Britain’s Got Talent.” She looked like an ordinary housewife with no flashy, face value. When interviewed on stage, the audience were at first cynical and laughed at her when she said that she “aspired to be a professional singer.” But when she started to sing, she exposed a powerful mezzo-soprano voice that so impressed the audience. They did not expect her to be so good; her voice so amazing and majestic. They were simply awed and gave her a standing ovation for her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. Within nine day, Susan Boyle hit international fame and attention. Her audition video was viewed on the internet hundred million times. Hidden in her ordinary trappings was an extra-ordinary voice of a superstar!
Today’s Sunday Readings speak about the danger of prejudice and pride. The First Reading tells us of Ezekiel. Raised by God to be a prophet, he was sent to the rebellious House of Israel. God warned him, beforehand, that they will refuse to listen. They will be stubborn and proud – yet he is sent to let them know that God cares for them despite of themselves.The Gospel narrates of Jesus, a prophet from the Father who is questioned by his own kindred. His neighbors do not listen and even oppose him. He is “too much” for them – being only a carpenter. He seem to be so ordinary and familiar.
What is God telling us through the Readings today? I believe it is this: God still speak to us using ordinary channels. The spirit of prophecy has not died. God’s Voice will come from ordinary, simple sources to inspire us, renew us and challenge us thorough His Word. We need three things to listen to God’s Voice today: Discernment, Openness and Courage.
Discernment is to choose well between God’s will or our own self-love. Many times we just want to hear what makes us feel good. We need to be open to recognize God’s Voice. Jesus’ neighbors did not care to look beyond his ordinary trappings that He was actually the Word-of-God-Incarnate. Like them, we have the propensity of labeling and limiting. We tend to underestimate others and limit their potentials. God challenges us to be courageous. We need to do God’s will no matter how ordinary. Obedience can do miracles.
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