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Sweetness of Death

Our life is a mixture of laughters and tears, joys and sorrows, life and death. Though others may consider death as a bitter and pain reality, this should not be so. Death can be sweet if seen with faith coupled by foresight.

Foresight is a virtue — for life is passing and we can die anytime. Young people think death is a remote thing especially if they feel strong and healthy oozing with uncontrollable hormones. But who could have thought that my student Gerry Gatungay, only 19 years old would have met his death in a violent way. He was on his way home at past midnight when he met along the street 5 young people looking for a riot. They attacked him without warning and stabbed him to death senselessly.

Such is death. It comes when it comes without warning. There is great wisdom in preparing for it as Don Bosco would constantly remind his boys.

We laid to rest Fr. Ed Espiritu last 30 October. His dying was characterized by preparation and foresight. He left nothing to chance. Death can be sweet if we see beyond the pain and see God’s loving smile as he says: welcome home!

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