Take a break

It happened to me, it happens to everyone. Once in a while after a long period of bone-breaking work and tedious toil, the psyche goes numb and numb and numb. It’s about time we need to take a break.

Sharpen the saw and so they say. This summer, after five years of college and aspirantate, a period of circus and a mix-matched schedule, I went numb. I just wanted to take a break. I miss the old, really old younger days when I never had any worry in the world. I mean the pre-school years when all you care about is play.

Is it really human destiny that once you grow old, you grow tired? Does age really mean more work?

It can’t be avoided, I know, we have to work in order to eat. But once in a while we are called to rest, replenish, and renew. I believe we work more when we age more because we grow more responsible. I also believe that work should always be paired with play and we often forget that. So why not stop awhile, breath deep, close those sagging eyes and just live. Live and experience, tingle those senses, because afterall, we work in order to live and not the other way ’round.


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One thought on “Take a break

  1. I love what one of my favorite authors wrote, Iyanla Vanzant: ‘Honor yourself with Conservation… Conservation is a willingness to be still and run the risk of looking lazy. It not only encompasses being physically still; it extends to mental and emotional stillness…Conservation begins with honoring oneself enough to spend some time with you away from everyone else… Conservation is a form of healing that results in self-awareness, self-forgiveness, and self-esteem….You are a divinely natural resource. Life wants you to be around a long, long time. Life wants you to be in good shape while you are here. You are no good to life when you are haggard, broke, and broken down. Learning to relax and conserve your natural energies is one of the greatest gifts you can offer life. ‘

    After reading her book, I no longer feel guilty every time I relax or take a break from everything. I used to think that I have to do a lot of things in order to feel important. I no longer drive myself to the ground working. As I grow older, I become more relaxed and work less (which answers your question) and have achieved some degree of a balanced lifestyle. I do agree with her again, that one is able to give more when one gives when one is well rested. Conservation indeed helps me give my best when I am giving, doing, or being. We only grow tired when we get older and do more not because we become more responsible but because we have not discerned yet what is worthwhile and what is not. When we are still too caught up with ‘false sense of responsibilities’ that results in us doing a lot of ‘self-inflicted nonsense’(sin), then we grow tired & become less effective with life.

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