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Taste for the Controversial

I don’t know if its significant and people are doing it intentionally but according to the web stats I get in my blog, one of my post popular posts is the one entitled “The Salesian Secret”. Could it be that people are googling secrets in the internet, trying to find the controversial, darker side of things or am I plain paranoid?

Either way, we all know how much we like the taste of controversy. It is more palatable than good news on today’s paper’s front page so no wonder media is also fond of serving us all the heavy and burdening bad news in print, TV, radio, and web. The endless humming of gossip continues to ring in the atmosphere, and that’s what I call gossip pollution.

I suggest we would rather build a culture of positive criticism and appreciate more the good things in life. Can’t the media at least set aside a page for good news for everyone to relish and believe that world is still worth living in? There are so many beautiful things that happen everyday we simply miss them out of pre-occupation with the mounting worries of tomorrow. Have we seen how beautiful sunrise was this morning, or the newly bloomed flower by the roadside, or the smile of a child, or the puffs clouds dotting the bright blue sky? God is never wanting in generosity and goodness.

Just to share an anecdote from our Philosophy class, it is said:

When you ask ‘when’, it is History.
When you ask ‘how’, it is Science.
When you ask ‘who’, that’s Showbiz.
But when you ask ‘why’, that’s Wisdom.

Let us start asking the right and better questions.


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