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The Best Things In Life Are Free

If prices are soaring in the market, the best things in life are left for free. Thank God, they remain free, otherwise we would have to buy every ounce of air we breath, every glass of water we drink, every piece of earth we step on, and every sunlight that brightens the day. Yet how come I never stop in my day to day track to thank God for these things? Most of the time I just leave them for granted thinking they would be there forever, that I would enjoy them forever.

Relationships too are free. Our relationship with God is certainly free. Our relationship with others is also free, if we have the openness and honesty to enter into it. Our relationship with ourselves is very much free. Our relationships, while remaining free, needs to be nourished. We nourish it with companionship that shows you care, or with a simple smile that say’s I’ll always be there. But isn’t it true that oftentimes we take relationships for granted too? We think that people will always be there forever, that we would keep them beside us forever.
Many things are free. All of them unmerited. Why not start to appreciate, take care, and treasure these gifts? Would it take a price tag for each gift before we can understand the value of the best things in life?


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