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The Father’s Song

Every morning you wake up with a question on your face
What is life? What is there to live for?
The emptiness is eating you from within
Who am I? What is there for me?
And the world is spinning, confusing you
But here I am calling you to me
Sleep tight my child and surrender
Close your eyes, embrace my peace
Sleep tight my child and surrender
In my arms you shall find your peace
You were known by me and loved before your birth
In my thoughts you live and clothed with much worth
You are mine to keep and love forever more
The day flies past you and you ask if you ever lived
Is there love? Are there real friends?
It’s pulling you apart and tearing you within
I hear your heart calling out to me
For the world is spinning, confusing you
So here I am calling you to me
You searched and scoured the world but never found that peace
The peace you can’t find in yourself
The peace you can only find in me
Lyrics, Music, and Vocals: Keith J. Amodia, SDB
Keyboard: Vince Michael Sabal, SDB
I composed this song in one of my saddest days. There are times when the paralyzing sadness and confusion are so strong you feel helpless against life. Yet, I remembered that these are the very times that we are asked to surrender everything and allow our Heavenly Father to take care of us. When one has no more strength to carry on, God is always there to become that Strength.


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