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The Insult of Almost

“The most painful insult is ALMOST”, that’s what one of my favorite Salesian told us.

Everyone of us is destined to grow and become better every day. The human person is such a dynamic being that he is able to evolve in each moment of his existence. Such dynamism is deeply rooted in our free will, that being creatures of highest intellect, we are more adept at adaptation and evolution, clutching at the environment for our own purposes. What’s more is that each individual is unique and singular, with everyone having his own set of qualities and unlimited potential.

It is quite sad that in today’s world, most of us think in limited terms. When we could have done more, we have done the minimal, for requirement’s purpose. Deep inside however, we know that we are much more than what we are now. Even in our self-imposed limits, we are aware of the deep and vast potential that is within, most of us are too afraid to wield this power. People are too afraid with their potential for power. We could become a greater specie – ALMOST.

Yes, almost. It is curse of self-imposed limitation. When we know we are better, we settle for the “normal”. As each individual is a reflection of the Divine, so are we made ready for perfection even before our birth. The destiny of perfection is already written before us, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” (Jeremiah 1:5). The human race couldn’t be standardized to a set of should-be’s because each of us is a precious gem, each individually made, and each complementing the other. So it is a sin to compare against another for that is similar to wishing to be another.

While it is true that everyone, by skill, talent, intellect, social status, and beauty, are not born equal doesn’t mean one human is less or better than the other. Human dignity does not rest on credentials, instead it is based our each individual will and spirit. The credentials we each have and are jealous for are nothing but the result of the wise use of the will and spirit. Talk about persons excelling in a field they are least inclined to.

So while I am not naturally gifted in sports and body movement, I have the spirit and will to train myself to do better. With God’s grace, that is enough to push me to become better than those who are naturally athletic themselves. While I am quite gifted in my vocal quality, it doesn’t mean someone with ordinary voice couldn’t sing better than me. Not all names in the dean’s list have genius-level I.Q.’s .Excellence after all depends on each individual, but then again, ALMOST.

“So be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) Go beyond the ALMOST the world is trying to teach you. We are better than who we are today. Mathematically if you consider this statement, it is an exponential equation. We are exponential beings, being able to do twice and thrice what we did yesterday. Therefore do not believe the commercials spitting out false gospels like “beauty matters” because what matters most are the fundamentals of our humanity. For even though we are different, we are equal in dignity.

Each of us is person of potential and power. Each of us is endowed with will and spirit. So when you are told that you are ALMOST, you are being insulted to the very core of your being because you are limited to less than perfect.


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