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The Peace of Christ

Our life is a series of beginnings and endings; of welcomes and goodbyes. When we meet someone at the airport after a being away for a long time, it’s a moment of waiting, anticipation and joy. Excitement fills our heart as we welcome back a family member or a friend. But bidding adieu is a melancholic experience. For children seeing a mother or a father leave for abroad, it can even be a tearful parting. Absence leaves a deep pain in the soul. No amount of toy or money can ever quench the thirst of a longing heart.

The pain is much greater if the goodbye becomes permanent. The experience of the demise of a loved one gone so soon can be tragic. When my twenty-four-year-old cousin died of a car accident several years ago, his family was devastated. Life was just beginning for him. His career was about to take off; his potentials were unlimited. In one night, everything was gone. For the family, everyone felt that something precious was suddenly snatched away and gone forever.

In today’s gospel, Jesus was bidding goodbye. The context is at the Last Supper where Jesus makes his farewell discourse because he is going away. The moment is filled with anxiety and fear. The disciples felt sad and scared. The future looks bleak and alarming. But Jesus tells them: “do not be troubled; do not be afraid.” He is offering them his peace. He promises them: “I shall return.”

After twenty centuries, we are still paralyzed by fear. We are still troubled. Peace is still elusive. One of the most prevalent psychological disorders today is depression. Some authors even claim that it is a social ill, not an individual flaw. It is caused by several factors among them interpersonal relationship especially in the family. Society has become indifferent and uncaring. This brings about a lot of insecurities and fears. We need to be convinced that we are not alone. We are loved and we are valued. God’s love and his abiding presence is our strongest antidote depression and indifference. God’s love is the source of peace. 

Prayer: Lord, help me conquer my daily fear; let me look at my future with unwavering hope. Amen. 
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