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To Parents Who Make Us Human

I must admit I am writing this piece to meet a promise I gave to one Salesian who admitted he was reading my write-ups. Let’s hide him in the name Fr. Ron Urbano, SDB. Thanks, padz!

They say behind every man’s success is a woman but I say behind every person’s success are a man and a woman. Fathers and mothers could not take less merit for the effort they have put forward in raising us their children. Admittedly, they have their own shortcomings but it is nothing compared to the dedication with which they combine instinct and freedom in securing their children’s future.

We went to pay our last respects to a confrere’s mother. The confrere shared how his parents move from house to house, building one after another, leaving the previous to a son and daughter who has just started a new family. Here is a wonderful example of how parents can waive their rights to bring more comfort to their children.  To them, their own comfort is to find that all their children are comfortable.

I find it sad to hear that in Europe, couples are more keen on adopting a pet than raising children. Is civilization slowly losing its bearings? We are blessed that in the Philippines, the love for the family is very much felt and appreciated. Parents do anything to provide for their children.

I am quite blessed to have wonderful parents who saw me grow through the years. For this, I thank them.

Instinct or social programming? No, I call it the beauty of the human race to pass on to the next generation not only the biological inheritance as with animals but also the treasure of experience, wisdom, and love with which we propagate our kind. And this is done through our beloved parents who were also heirs of humanity.


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