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As a boy, I used to watch a television game show “The Price is Right.” Contestants are shown items which they try to guess how much they cost. The guess nearest the price wins!
The Sunday Gospel (Mt 13: 44-52) presents two parables comparing the Kingdom of Heaven like a “treasure buried in a field” and a “pearl of great price.” The men who found them guessed rightly that they were really worth keeping so they sold ALL they had to possess them.
In narrating parables, we realize that Jesus is a brilliant teacher. He uses unforgettable parables and insightful stories to teach lessons that sink deep. God teaches us three things from our Readings:
1.    The Kingdom of Heaven is a treasure worth possessing. We ask ourselves: what do I treasure most? Fact is, what your mind and heart is focusing right now, that is your treasure!
In the First Reading (1 Kings 3:5.7-12), Solomon’s concern was how to be a good king. Inheriting a throne from David, his father, he was young and inexperienced. When God appeared to him, he asked for “an understanding heart.” If you have the chance to meet God in person, what will you ask? Let us ask to possess God’s Kingdom.
2.    The Kingdom of Heaven is worth sacrificing. The man who found the treasure sold everything he had without regret in order to buy that field. The merchant, too who found the expensive pearl sold everything he had with joy in order to acquire that unique pearl.
3.    Jesus is the treasure worth discovering; the pearl of great price worth possessing. Matthew, the Apostle, had this experience. When Jesus “called him,” he gave up his job, his position and his wealth. Jesus became his only wealth; his only treasure.
What will you give up to love and follow Jesus? Can you give up your anger, your pride, your lust for Jesus? Can you give up your laziness or your addictions that hinder you to be closer to Him?
Is this too great a price? For Jesus, the “price is just right!” 

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