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True Friends Stick Like Super Glue

Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko…” so goes the song. I was listening to some oldies as I was enjoying again my past and one thing really struck me. You guessed it right,

True Friends Stick Like Super Glue

I had the experience of dealing with fingers stuck together with some super glue, the skin so strongly pasted together you might literally tear yourself apart if you force it. Such are friends who really care. No matter what the circumstances, they stick on and hold on. Even when your hair turns grey.

I have excellent examples of friends who never left me and excellent examples of people who you thought were friends leave you behind or abandon you. Not entering into bittersweet melancholy mode, we all have our share of good friends and fake friends. So, beware, both of the danger of fake friends and of the danger of being the fake friend.

Since we are approaching the big day of our Father and Teacher, St John Bosco, let me connect this with the saints. The halls of sanctity is also marked with pairs and pairs of really good and loyal friends. As they say, you don’t get to be a saint alone, you bring others with you.  For a short and interesting list, here you go:

St John Bosco and his good friend Louis Comollo. 
Bl. Augustus Czartoryski and Ven. Andrew Beltrami. 
St. Francis of Sales and St. Jane Frances de Chantal. 
St. Francis of Assisi and St. Claire.
and there was Jesus and Lazarus.

From humanity to sanctity, we need friends whom we can depend on. We need friends who can accept us for who we are and love us just the way we are. We need friends who can push us to change for the better. We need friends who we can grow together with. Friends are gifts from God. We need to take care of them. So take care of your friends who have always stuck up with you through thick and thin. Find and thank those who have been silently supporting you in the dim background. Beware of those who wear masks who could easily betray and abandon you, people who really don’t value you.

As a note, I’d like to thank all my friends out there, who have been always a source of inspiration for me. Once you touch my life, your print stays forever.


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