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Salesians of Don Bosco – Philippine South Province FIS


Where will you bring me?
To where should I go?
I’ve gone too far
Can’t see where I’ve come from
It scares me a lot
To tread new paths
Though they may be gold stones
And the skies be bliss
It’s unfamiliar, I’m shaking
No longer my territory
I’ve gone too long, gone too far
Lost my security

Each step gives me chills
This road might break me
My strength might fail me
But the most that I fear
Is that I lose myself:
To forget who I was
To not know who I am
To never know what’s to come
I’m paralyzed with this ignorance

Is it too much to ask
That you keep close to me?
Explain to me these things
Run through all these changes
And calm the fear that springs
The moment I let go
Losing control and blown away
By the plans you have for me

So I take this step
One stride forward into unknown
Not knowing where I’d go
Knowing only who I’m with


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