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Trusting the Lord

A story is told about a farmer in the village of Ars who would visit the Blessed Sacrament twice daily; once before he starts working in the field and then before he goes home. This was his daily habit. The parish priest, Fr. Jean Marie Vianney noticed the reverence and devotedness of this man. After observing him several times, he asked him one day. “What do you say in your prayer before the Blessed Sacrament?” The god-fearing farmer replied: “Nothing. Jesus just looks at me. I look at him.” This was the simple prayer of this believing man: no words, just love. It is for this reason that St. Teresa of Avila used to say that “prayer is an exercise of love.”

In today’s gospel (Lk 11:1-13), Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray correctly. Some people think that prayer is like putting a coin in a vending machine to get whatever we wish. Others see God as a genie who grant all their prayers. Instead Jesus wants us to realize that prayer is a relationship. God is a Father who loves and knows what to give. There is nothing magical about prayer. Prayer is our way of honoring God and giving him glory. Its first aim is to align our will to His purpose. We pray to be more open and receptive for the coming of God’s reign in our life. Hence, we trust Him to give us our daily needs and forgive us our failings.

Jesus instructs us that prayer is essential. It is like breathing; we can’t do without it. Prayer is life. It is a necessity. We have to make it a daily habit such that we need to constantly ask, consistently seek and continuously knock on God’s heart. In prayer we voice out our total dependence of God especially in defending us and protecting us from the evils and misfortunes in life. We pray for God to shape our world because only by his presence can real change and transformation happen. We pray to grow in deeper trust and greater love.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to trust you so that when I pray I seek your will with greater love and generosity. Amen.

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