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We Are An Easter People

If you think Christians are rigid people, you are wrong.
If you think Catholics are masochists, you are wrong.
If you think working for holiness is a sad, and lonely path, you are wrong.

We are an easter people. We believe in the Risen Christ. The Christ that who suffered and died on a Friday, kept in a tomb on a Saturday, arose from the tomb on Easter Sunday.

We are a happy people. We are happy because our hopes arose with Jesus as he exited the tomb. His Resurrection assures our own resurrection. Just as the resurrection filled the early Christians with joy, so it still continues to fill us with joy. The message of Christ does not end with the cross. It leads to Easter. For whatever sufferings we endure now is nothing compared to the promises made to us by God.

We are a hopeful people. We no longer fear anything except to lose God. We are full of hope because we know that Christ truly risen is truly God. Christ being truly man enables us to “go into” the Godhead. We are no longer just a part of creation. We have become sons and daughters of God. Jesus promised to be with us till the end of time and he never lies, so what have we to fear? We have by our side an all-powerful God and an all-empathizing Brother.

I personally think we should not limit ourselves to our Good Friday’s but take another step to fully appreciate the Easter in our lives. Life may be full of sufferings and pain, but just as the sun continues to set and rise again, we are reminded that this pilgrim journey is not the final journey. The rising sun and the risen Son reminds us of our Easter dignity!


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