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Welcome to Canlubang

It’s been a year and days more since I my last post! Congratulations to me! I have kept my word on abstaining from blogging for the whole novitiate year.

And now I find myself in Canlubang, a place sacred to all Filipino Salesians. Every Salesian Priest or Lay Brother you can find had spent years and years of study and formation here. When I was still in Lawaan, I have heard so many stories of this blessed place from Salesians who have grown up here. Now that I am here, sitting on a computer chair, my eyes glued to the laptop screen, and smelling the very essence of Canlubang, I fall into a trance and awe at the fortune of finding myself here.

I am simply awestruck at the turn of events in my life. The thought of Salesian formation was out of the question years ago, but I believe that God in his own wise ways have plucked out a Kitoy from his comforts and transplanted him to different places the latest of which is Canlubang. I can only ride the tide knowing all full well that it is God who blows the wind and directs the tide.

I do not know what is in store for me here. Two years can just pass by so swiftly. I have my hopes up for I know I am still at home as every Don Bosco house is a home. True, I miss Cebu where I grew up my whole life but I am also open to the adventures awaiting me in place called Canlubang.


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