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Why you would read or not read this post in Facebook

It’s a curious title. This post from my blog would be fed to Facebook via RSS. It would appear next to the gazillion other things in my network’s news feed as some note posted by me. The interesting thing is how people would react to it.

People will not read this post because it’s just some plain boring text note. To them, I might be some babbling non-sense posting one of those lists without much relevant content, a sore to the wonderful waterfall of information from Facebook. Most people are more attracted to visuals than text. People are more likely to click on some picture or video on the web than read some scholarly article or some opinion in the net. This has psychological basis, you see. One glance at a picture would send more information and excite more emotion in a viewer than some five paragraph essay like this.

People will read this post either because they are my friends, and I hope there are many of them, or because of the way I phrased my title. The title is quite intriguing. It excites the mind by stimulating it to ask why. Curiosity took the better part and you are now reading this article.

Think about it. Media is actually exploiting the power of psychology. Think more. Media is everywhere. That is why the average person of today is quite bombarded and saturated with information which most of the time is shrugged off by the consciousness. But all these information passes through our subconsciousness. Whether you like it or not, a passing glimpse may remain forever etched at some remote memory in your mind. The eyes are the windows of the soul. We might start wondering how much media has changed us internally. It has already been proven that media and information has radically shaped culture and society for the past decades.

It’s time perhaps to educate people about media deconstruction. We must learn to break apart the different layers of message that media feeds us everyday. We can’t be passive information consumers forever, we are far more intelligent. While media has been used to build society it has been responsible in the corruption of our Filipino values. In a world of globalization, we can’t just take in everything the media feeds us. The more consciousness we put into receiving information, the more we get to be critical, the better we utilize information we receive. Empower yourself. Think.


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