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Salesians of Don Bosco – Philippine South Province FIS

Acceptance and Renewals

Don Bosco Lawaan, Cebu, Philippines.

Don Bosco Formation Center had a special event last April 30, 2018 at the Chapel of St. Francis of Sales with the canonical acceptance of eleven new novices and the renewal of vows by twelve temporarily professed Salesians.

The ceremony began with a soft blessing of the chapel that is currently nearing its completion. Fr. Honesto Geronimo Jr, SDB, the vice provincial of the FIS province presided the ceremonies. The evening began with solemn vespers, his short reflections on being a Salesian. This was followed by the acceptance of the new novices from the provinces of FIN and FIS who entrusted themselves to their novice director: Fr. Philip Lazatin, SDB.

These are the new novices for 2018-2019

Novice Thomas Bwagaaro (PNG)
Novice Paulo Calderon (FIN)
Novice Noel Clement (FIS)
Novice Jornie Hinay (FIS)
Novice Atif Khalid (FIS)
Novice Aaron Maguyon (FIN)
Novice John Michael Mahinay (FIS)
Novice Justin Mercado (FIN)
Novice Paul Piara (PNG)
Novice Russell Samonte (FIN)
Novice Anthony Wale (PNG)

Following the acceptance of the novices was the renewal of vows of the ten Salesian clerics and two Salesian brothers in their practical training stage. Fr. Honesto Geronimo, SDB accepted the temporarily professed Salesians with Fr. Philip Lazatin, SDB and Fr. Amelito Racelis, SDB (Rector of Don Bosco Formation Center) as the witnesses.

Those who renewed their vows were:

Cl. John Robert Andales, SDB
Cl. Genson Banguis, SDB
Bro. Raffy Besonia, SDB
Cl. Reynaldo Durango Jr., SDB
Cl. Andrei Estoche, SDB
Cl. Edlazir Lloren, SDB
Cl. Luke Adrian Maloloy – on, SDB
Bro. John Montejo, SDB
Cl. Jules Sotto, SDB
Cl. Gerondio Trujello, SDB
Cl. Antonio Velarde, SDB
Cl. Julius Ysulan, SDB

The evening proceeded with a simple dinner with the Salesians, Prenovices, Novices and Aspirants, at the Retreat House.

(Contributor: Novice Russell Samonte)

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