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The Avengers Endgame and the MHAP BOYS

The story of The AvengersEndgame pivots on a band of people who, seemingly defeated, with the right motivation and purpose, turned out to be heroes and saviors of humanity. They fought together and showed the importance of hope, friendship and family.

The story of the MHAP boys is also one that is sprinkled with daunting realities. They are young individuals who dare to face the beasts of their past, the pain it brought to their present and the uncertainty of their future. They fight for a chance in life. Magone Home Aftercare Program (MHAP) helps these young ones have hope and transform themselves to become productive individuals as they find their place in the community.


Magone Home Aftercare Program (MHAP) hosted a block screening for one of the most talked about movies – Avengers: Endgame last April 24, 2019 in an 800-seat capacity theatre at SM City Cebu. This is part of a chain of awareness campaigns with the objective of calling on to the community so they may see a glimpse of our clients’ stories, know of our organization’s cause and of how they can help the boys in their transformative journey. The involvement of the community is important in helping these young ones succeed.  The Magone home staff wanted to bring in as many guests and partners as we possibly could. Thus, we specifically chose this movie for its presumed impact to the public.

The event did not go without challenges. The Magone Helping Team simultaneously felt anxious and enthusiastic upon working to make this event a success. Even the boys expressed that they were excited, happy and nervous at the same time. For some, because it was their first time to step inside a movie theatre; for the others, it was because of the tasks assigned to them during the event. A particular question from one of the boys struck us when he asked days after the event:  [the crowd Did they know us? What did they think about us, like who we are.

The clients served at MHAP were identified as children in conflict with the law. As they enter the program, they are called trainees. The centers offers a helping hand so they may recreate themselves to become better individuals and prepare them to reintegrate to the society equipped with values and skills. They were told them about a certain feedback from one of the guests stating that the boys simply seemed like volunteers for the event. This may appear to be a trivial comment, but it meant a lot to the boys in terms of how they see themselves now and in the future.

As the team serves to illuminate the path for these young ones, it also asks for help to keep the fire burning with the members. As such,  the organizers appreciate each person’s presence during the event and every form of help that was received along the way.

The team expresses its appreciation to the community’s support. The boys likewise are  grateful for having experienced the event. Both team and boys were elated in seeing the huge and responsive crowd in an event permeated with purpose and entertainment. All the more when they received positive feedback from the guests. 

This has turned out to be a joyous tale in the life of the boys – one that is sprinkled with blessings in the forms of the Salesian Community and various Don Bosco settings, countless mission partners, faces of strangers who willingly supported the cause, and a huge lift from the sponsorships of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., VICSAL Foundation, Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño, Archdiocesan Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes, Hon. Jonas Cortes, XCOMP Computer Sales & Services Inc. and all other unnamed sponsors.

To the partners, sponsors and guests – the brave souls and kind hearts who helped  Magone Home Aftercare Program (MHAP) make this event a success, the team offers a thousand heaps of gratitude and its most sincere prayers!

Magone Home Aftercare Program is introducing a new project called ACT IT OUT! – a stage play produced by the current batch of trainees. The event will take place on July 25, 26 & 27 in Don Bosco Liloan and August 2 & 3 in Cebu City.