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DBTC Bosco Bandahan and Dance Palabas

By: Luiz Benedict C. Belotindos

As Don Bosco Technical College – Cebu Inc. celebrated its foundation week for school year 2019- 2020, two of the most awaited events which caught the eyes of many Bosconians: the annual Dance Palabas and the Bosco Bandahan. These are contests that display the young and astonishing talents and flourish not only the Bosconian academic and technical prowess but also the musical skill and the ability to groove of the beat gracefully.

In the Bosco Bandahan, coming in 3rd place, The Maskets won with a final score of 86.67%; Grass, scooped the 2nd place with a final score of 89% and Uptight won as champions for Bosco Bandahan 2019 – 2020 with a score of 91.33%.

For the first category of the Dance Palabas, which focuses holistically in field demonstrations, the Grade 3 got the 3rd place, while the Grade 2 got the 2nd place and the Grade 1 grabbed the spot for the 1st place.

The second category is a display of sports mimetics. Coming in at 3rd place is the Grade 5, while the Grade 6 comes in 2nd place and the Grade 4 claiming the 1st place.

The third category focuses on themes from Hollywood films for Grades 7 to 10. Grade 7 featured the movie Star Wars, Grade 8 featured the movie 300, grade 9 showcased Tron and the Grade 10 portrayed the movie Avatar. Overall, grade 7 places in 4th, grade 8 places in 3rd, grade 10 places in 2nd and the grade 9 coming in at 1st place.

The fourth category focuses on choreography inclined with the hip hop and retro genre. The college department comes in 4th place, the TVED department comes in 3rd place, the Grade 12 coming in at 2nd place and the Grade 11 bagging in the first place.

Contests help us hone our skills through competition but we should never forget that the best way to grow is to compete with yourself.