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Don Bosco – One TVET Philippines: An Overview

August 9, 2017- The Don Bosco-One TVET Philippines was launched at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati headed by Fr. Jose Dindo Vitug, SDB, Executive Director of the said project.

The Don Bosco – One TVET Philippines is a project that gives opportunities for the young. It aims to address the social economic exclusion of the marginalized youth. It will also help the Don Bosco TVET Centers in the Philippines upgrade its professional training and methodologies.

Moreover, the project has set a lot of programs to the students for them to showcase their capabilities and hone their technical skills. These programs are applied orderly for the students to excel in their own field. And are not only pure training but also enhancement programs for the instructors to have an impressive profiling through benchmarking and comprehensive negotiations.

With these programs, One TVET can produce graduates who will stand out in the globally competitive employment world. And will influence other youth in poverty stricken areas to enroll and engage themselves for the full possibility of getting a good career after.

As a whole, the project intends to contribute to the social transformation of the society and also to create a network with other TVET stakeholders for the continuous growth and future success of the project.

It is called One TVET Philippines for a simple fact that both Salesian Philippine provinces, FIS and FIN, have joined forces to unify and strengthen its TVET programs for the benefit of the Filipino youth around the country. Wherever they may be they will get the same quality education, skills, and values taught in every Don Bosco TVET centers.

-Rowinmar Espinosa-


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