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Feast of St. Francis de Sales

We are Salesians!

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, the Saint Patron of our Society: ‘Inspired by the goodness and zeal of St Francis de Sales, Don Bosco called us Salesians and gave us a program of life in the motto “Da mihi animas, cetera tolle” (SDB Constitutions, art. 4). It’s a good chance to be attracted again by his way of following Jesus with simplicity and passion.

Today we give thanks for the Man of God, who was a great model of Don Bosco, who ‘inspired by the optimistic humanism of St. Francis de Sales, believes in man’s natural and supernatural resources without loosing sight of his weakness.” (SDB Constitutions, art 17)..

Probably the best way how to celebrate and follow St. Francis de Sales today, is to bring back the simple and heart-warming ‘PHILOTHEA’ (An Introduction to the Devout Life). Yes, in not so remote past, this booklet was in the hands of all candidates for Salesian Life.

The five parts of the ‘Philotea’ are indeed a basic food for an inner life of each Catholic believer: (I) Path to the Devout Life (Discipleship of Jesus with 10 Meditations), (II) Advice about Prayer and Sacraments, (III) Practice of Virtue (humility, patience, kindness…), (IV) Facing ordinary temptations, (V) Advice about regular spiritual renewal.

Saint Francis de Sales, pray for us!

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