Don Bosco Philippines South Province

Salesians of Don Bosco – Philippine South Province FIS

Kool Adventure Camp (KAC) 2018

Don Bosco Philippines – South (FIS), February 14-16, 2018. Camsomoroy, Balamban, Cebu.

Last February 14 to 16, 2018 the RAFI held the annual Kool Adventure Camp (KAC) at Cansomoroy, Balamban, Cebu. The 36 participants were the chosen leaders from the different Don Bosco settings. Unfortunately, not all of the expected participants were able to join the KAC due to the typhoon “Basyang“.

The event started with the Holy Mass which was presided by Fr. John Vernil “Dodoy” Lopez, SDB, SYM In-charge. In his homily, he encouraged the participants to become a brave person as they conquer the dragons in the camp. The dragons represented the ropes courses which the participants experienced in the entire camp. Fr. Dodoy also gave an inspirational quote by Eleonor Roosevelt which says,

 “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Simply means that life is beautiful that the young people should take time to live each moment. Every day, every trial and every obstacle, they should always see the brighter side and should not give up.

There are three salient things learned in the three-day camp:

  • To becoming a true leader is to be a leader to your own-self in order to inspire and mold others. It was also emphasized that the best recipe in becoming a great leader is to become a servant-leader like how Jesus led His fellowmen.
  • With great determination, everything is possible. Dragons will always be dragons, in other words, problems will always be problems in real life. They exist to be tested and be developed in every person’s life to become a better version of yesterday.
  • As part of the Salesian family, having one goal and vision to continue the mission of Don Bosco and that is transforming and helping the youth to be closer to God.

At the end of the adventure, the group had the privilege to recommend three points for the next batches… “K.A.C. Do Points”

  • K – Knowing yourself, limitations and capabilities
  • A -Aiming the goal and take action for what you planned and
  • C – Courage in conquering the dragons


(Contributor: John Lorenzo Oflas)