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LAF: DBTI Victorias

by: Ms. Shaira Albacite, Secretary, DBTI-SYM Core Group

On July 12, 2022, Don Bosco Technical Institute-Victorias, Inc. hosted the Leaders and Animators’ Formation(LAF).

71 people attended together with the other representatives from SJWP-MHCC Youth Animators. SYM-FIS facilitated the event with Fr. Vince Michel Sabal SDB, Mr. Eduardo Empelis, Jr., and Ms. Jayriel Cui as the core facilitators. They have shown the participants how to create and run the programs and activities from the ground up. The participants were also taught about the background and objectives of each SYM sodalities and clubs. The facilitators imparted new knowledge and skills to the participants after the talks and workshops. The event closed with a fellowship.

Being a part of LAF has definitely been an honor to everyone. Together with the Bosconians and the participants from the SJWP-MHCC Youth Animators, we are very thankful for this formation which we have been longing for a long time. The Bosconian community is genuinely thrilled and enthusiastic, and hopes to be able to attend all upcoming events with LAF and its organizers in the near future.

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