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Salesian Music Ministry finds a permanent Home

Don Bosco Formation Center – The Salesian Music Ministry as the Subcommission on Salesian Culture found its permanent home here in DBFC. SMM was founded seven years ago by Fr. Randy Figuracion, SDB together with Cebuano musicians and members of the Salesian Family in order to further the cause of Salesian music.

In the recent Provincial Chapter, the Commission on Social Communications presented the creation of the Subcommission on Salesian Culture which the body affirmed and accepted. Last July 21, 2022, SMM completed its move to the Social Communications Office in the formation house. This signals not only a new stage for the group but also a deeper commitment of Salesians to Salesian music by placing it within the formation house but also a great opportunity for aspirants to play, create and arrange music.

With the upcoming recording studio for the Social Communications Office, SMM hopes to produce more music, help in the training of aspiring Salesians in the seminary, and provide venues for professional music education. The two musical arms of SMM, the PraiStrings and the Pagdayeg Choir are looking forward to a permanent venue for practices also.

The future is bright for Salesian music and culture in the South Province.

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