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SEPP Planning Experience

November 30  – December 1, 2018. Don Bosco Mati, Davao Oriental

The EPC (Educative Pastoral Community) of Don Bosco Mati gathered for the SEPP (Salesian Educative Pastoral Plan) Planning for two days to come up with a plan for the next three years. It was attended by the parish sector representatives (The Sacred of Heart of Jesus Parish) and the TVET sector representatives (Don Bosco Training Center) together with the Salesian Community (Fr. Rey Jude Albarando, SDB – Rector, Fr. Rex Carbilledo, SDB – TVET Director, Fr. Alipio Antonio Añano, SDB – Economer, Bro. Lamberto Tena, SDB – Vocation Director and Bro. Genson Banguis, SDB – Practical Trainee) who offers a huge contribution, support and success throughout the planning. Fr. Joriz F. Calsa, SDB, CYM Delegate, facilitated the planning and generously shared his expertise assisted by Ms. Patlyn Antonette Pañares and Ms. Jayriel Cui, CYM secretaries..

Fr. Joriz started the planning with an overview of the ten elements of “What makes a setting ‘Salesian’?”. Afterwards the participants were asked to share their peak experiences working/serving in Don Bosco Mati, which is also the basis for the revision of the Vision-Mission.These are some of the sharing of the participants:

“Working in Don Bosco is a bit challenging but a very fulfilling job because you will get to see the changes of the young people. Especially we cater to young people coming from a very poor family in far- flung areas of Davao Oriental. After their training,                                there you will see the big changes not only for their lives but also with their family.”

-Ms. Mary Joy Abasolo, School Registrar


“As a new student here in Don Bosco, during the first months, I already felt the closeness I never had in my previous school. The Salesians and teachers are very approachable and willing to listen about our problems.”

-Mr. Erwen Llano, SHS Student

“I like how the Salesians run the parish and I like how they showed us as a family.”

-Ms. Emilia Maglente, PPC Lector Coordinator


While sharing their peak experiences in the Parish and in TVET common values came up such as the presence of very supportive Salesians, the experience of the strong Salesian family spirit, solid commitment, happiness and fulfillment,and many others,which they continuously live and treasure up until now. Since the Parish and the TVET had an obvious different set-up, they also had a separate Vision-Mission.Discussions, consultations, comments and suggestions were being done to refine and simplify each sector’s Vision-Mission. After the common reflection and discussions, the parish group has finally agreed to embrace their vision statement:


“Kami nga nagkahiusang katawhan sa Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish,
adonay lig-on ngapagtoo ug buhing saksi sa gugma sa Diyos.”
(We are a united community of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
with solid faith and living witnesses of the love of God).


Likewise, for the TVET, an added element was placed in the mission statement especially emphasizing the common experience of the Salesian Family Spirit.


In continuation, after finalizing the revisit of the Vision and Mission statements, they were instructed to group according to their sector and was tasked to make the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the current situation of their setting guided by the four dimensions in doing the SEPP, namely: (1)  Education to the Faith (2) Education and Culture (3) Group Experience and (4) Vocation, and plus (5) The EPC. After the long process of reflection and sharing, they were challenge to choose at least two urgent and more important strengths (to strengthen more) and weaknesses (convert to strength)from among the many by means of votation. The final four chosen became the priority for each dimension per sector for the next three years together with the suggested lines of action.


The planning ended with words of encouragement from the TVET Director and the Parish Priest and rector of the house. Fr. Rex Carbilledo, SDB, the Training Director, was overjoyed and shared his heartfelt thanks to everyone especially to their staff, teachers and students who helped in making the plan for the day to day running of the center.He said, before they do not have a clear plan but they run the center in a good way how much more running it with a (precise) plan now and at the same time, the plan is coming from TVET’s Lay Mission Partners (LMPs) and not only with the Salesians. It is an affirmation on his part that the things he taught before is now understood and owned by the very people who will be implementing all the plans, now that they have a common responsibility and one mind for the betterment of the young people of Mati. The true success of this planning is when they will be able to realize all the plans they had.


On the other hand, Fr. Rey Jude Alabarando, SDB, the Rector, was very happy because after the six years of his Rectorship in Don Bosco Mati finally they had an SEPP. He is thankful for these dedicated people especially in the Parish for as long as there is a clear direction then they would see to it that this plan would be implemented and this would the guide in their activities or programs in Mati.


The facilitator of the SEPP, as a conclusion, reminded the EPC that this year is the “Year of the Youth” in the Philippines and it is a challenge for everyone to revive the Youth Ministry or the Salesian Youth Movement especially in Mindanao.


By: Ms. Patlyn Antonette Pañares