SocCom Online School of Formation – Second Phase

February 24, 2022 – EAO via Zoom – The Social Communications Online School of Formation began its second phase of online formation for Social Communication Delegates, Teams, and members of the Salesian Family.

The School of Formation was established last year by Fr. Gildasio Mendes, SDB, General Councillor for Social Communications, to provide updating and formation to SocCom teams . The first phase consisted of speakers and resource persons from the Generalate in Rome. In this second phase, Social Communications experts from the EAO region share their knowledge and skills.

In the first session, Fr. Albeiro Rodas, SDB, SocCom Delegate – Cambodia, presented his talk entitled “Basic Digital Skills Training and Development for Salesian Animators”. He shared with 55 online participants the practical issues regarding Netiquette. Netiquette is the portmanteau of Network and Etiquette, which means the proper behavior required while in the internet.

Fr. Rodas stressed on the need for us in humanizing again the internet. The lack of personal and physical communication cues should not distract us from the fact that at the other side of our screens is another human being.

Participants came from all the member circumscriptions in the EAO region. This phase saw the inclusion of more members from the Salesian Family and more young people.

“The moment we enter the internet, nothing is private,” Fr. Rodas said. Privacy, use of information, and human values in the internet were the core issues as he led the discussion towards Online Ethics. The participants then broke out into small groups to discuss a survey that tackled these issues.

Fr. Rodas also talked about collaboration and tools in the internet. He touched on the topic of how online communication can complement but not replace personal, face-to-face communication.

This session is but the first of a year-long series of online sessions on Social Communications. Next month’s session will feature the sharing of Fr. Dominic Quang Hien, SDB of Vietnam-North, on the topic “Catechesis in the Digital Age: From Transmission to Sharing”.

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