“The Code of Champions”

Don Bosco Philippines – South (FIS), February 24, 2018. Makati Avenue, Makati.

The Peaceworks, a young adult ministry of the Salesian North Province (FIN) headed by Fr. Armand D. Robleza, SDB organized a conference entitled “The Code of Champions” last February 24, 2018 at UCPB Head Office, Makati Avenue, Makati. They gathered 264 young adult participants who were handling youth ministry from different parishes, dioceses, and religious organizations particularly in Luzon and two from Cebu.

Ms. Lovelylynn Ergina, youth chairperson of the Don Bosco Youth Center – Lourdes, one of the participants shared her experienced in the whole day conference, “I and Eduardo Empelis Jr., SYM-FIS Senior Youth Leader attended the conference…about the Six Secrets of Living with No Regrets written by Fr. Armand D. Robleza, SDB himself. There were a quite number of speakers or “Baristas” (the group calls themselves as such) shared their insights and taught us on how we could truly be happy. They also shared the six (6) secrets:

  • Cultivate Character
  • Have a Heart
  • Aim for a Mission
  • Maintain Balance
  • Prioritize the Spirit
  • Stay the Course

I learned a lot…but among all of the learning and reflections these lines caught me the most – that happiness comes from us. God made us a happy person from the beginning, and that our first duty is to be happy. If we are happy, we become a happy person, and a happy person inspires others. Ordinary people like us has more power to inspire other people than those who are rich, powerful, brilliant, etc. It was a great privilege to be one of the participants of the conference. And like what’s written on our certificates, “You were born to be happy. Now you are sent to inspire.” I am a CHAMPION, so can you.”


(Contributor: Commission on Youth Ministry – FIS)