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A Grace-filled Eucharistic Event

I am now on my way to Manila. My phone buzzed with a message from Fr. Mel Racelis, SDB who I texted earlier. He replied to my goodbyes and thank you’s. It was a fitting reminder. “Hope you can integrate all your experiences in the IEC into your life.”

The 51st International Eucharist Congress just wrapped up yesterday. It was a unique stop in the global Catholic event. Held in Cebu, it was colored by island festivities that’s unique to the tropic Philippine culture. Besides, it came a few days after the Sinulog. There was much praying, reflecting, dancing, and sharing.

The endless flow of activities and dignitaries in and out of the newly built IEC Pavilion could leave one disoriented. We often lose our connection with reality whenever we climb our Mount Tabor. Going down the mountain needs some re-orientation and a reminder to bring what was given from above to the ordinary below.

It could take me days to fully digest all the grace-filled experiences that happened to me. From dignitaries and prelates that Divine Providence had allowed me access to, to the wisdom-filled and awe-inspiring talks and catechesis given by the speakers, and to the simple slices of moments during the congress where time stops to invite you to fully absorb the ordinary miracle happening before your eyes.

If we have to pause our theological studies for two weeks, it was to give way to a more in-depth appreciation of the great mystery of the Eucharist in the Church and the way Christ makes himself present to each and everyone of us.


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