Biking Once Again

A fellow aspirant, Nino, and I were planning to visit the Talisay City Hall today going there in bicycles. It would save us around twelve pesos from fares and shed off a few pounds from the exercise.

I thought to myself that I should practice once again, not that I’m poor at biking but it has been years since I last rode on a bike I might injure my thighs. So I took a spare bike parked in the community room and started to pedal around the flat grounds. Feeling the need for a thrill, I decided to fly down along the slopes of Don Bosco Lawaan. Surely enough it was a fun ride – or not at all.

When it was time to go up again, guess what? Yeah, I have to gather all my strength to my calves and thighs before I could go up the thirty degree uphill climb. Push, push, push, and push, I fought hard against years of sitting in class and in front of the computer. The years have put these legs to dormition.

Reaching the top, I looked back on my accomplishment. The pain of tired muscles can’t replace the pride I have for climbing the hill. Without hesitation, I took the downward glide once again to repeat the same agony and joy of riding a bike.

After a few rounds, I was sweating profusely but was smiling anyhow. This is life, I thought. Should I ever get stagnant, I’ll try to wake up. I’ll take risks and push my destiny. I’ll fight against the current if I should reach the top. This is how I live.


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