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27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mk 10:2-16)

Imagine an 85-year-old man insisting on taking his wife’s hand everywhere they go. When asked why his wife keeps looking away he responds: “because she has Alzheimer’s.” When asked if his wife will worry if he lets her go? The old man replies: “she doesn’t remember anything. She doesn’t know who I am anymore. She hasn’t recognized me for a year.”

Asked why he has continued to guide her every single day though she doesn’t recognize him? He simply smiles and says: “she may not know who I am; but I know who she is – she is the love of my life!”

In today’s gospel, Jesus teaches us about the essence of marriage. Prompted by a question on divorce, he clarifies that Moses permitted it as a concession for the “hardness of the human heart.” But if we were to go back to God’s original, wonderful purpose of marriage and the family, it is meant to reveal the visible face of an invisible God who is love (Pope Francis). The Sacrament of marriage is the icon of God’s unconditional love for us.

The challenge of marriage is to love one another. That is how God intended it to be. God’s ideal marriage is a union that is binding until death; a commitment for life. Thus marriage requires a unique kind of love that reflects God’s own committed love for each of us. Love is the root and firm foundation of marriage.

I have an acronym on L.O.V.E that entails 4 things on how to put love in action in the married state:

L: Listen sincerely. The 1st Reading (Gen 2:18-24) reveals one of man’s deepest need – connection and intimacy. Loving entails listening. Listening is an act of love. It is the basic ingredient of acceptance, trust and respect. When you listen, you learn more about the other person creating deeper connection. Listening answers one of man’s deepest longing for connection and intimacy.

O: Openness. Be open to each other earnestly. Openness requires humility in accepting one’s vulnerability. Transparency is necessary in any worthwhile relationship. Being sincere and honest in sharing your dreams, plans, problems even your financial statements. In this culture of openness, there will be a communion of persons. Wise couples do not allow secrets to get in the way to build a loving and joyful marriage.

V: Visibility. Be visible to each other constantly. Be there for each other. Be present. Don’t be a ghost. Spend quality time. Make your presence felt by communicating, talking, chatting, make a phone call, doing chores and taking home care responsibilities. Your visible physical presence clearly means incarnating love in the home.

E: Endure patiently whatever happens. Love with intentionality. Creating a home and a family does not happen by chance. You have to make that commitment work for it to last. Relationship last not because they were destined to last. Relationship last long because two people made a choice to keep it; fight for it and work for it.

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