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These days have been giving me opportunity to reflect and think about life. I have had many encounters with my fellow community members and I have enjoyed talking with them and learning from them. The posts I have made brought back a little conversation with our outgoing Bro. Assistant and Practical Trainee, Bro. Joji Inocentes, SDB.

I was humming some songs that really resonated from my own sentiments that afternoon as I watched our Toyota Revo speed its way up the Benguet slopes to Baguio City. Bro. Joji took notice and asked me if what I am singing is a theme song. The conversation went on and he asked a quite difficult question: “Why do we need others to compose theme songs for us?”

The question took me by surprise and I couldn’t mutter an answer. Minutes went by and bang! I found the right answer.

Not all people are musically gifted and so not all can translate their emotions to songs and music. So it is natural that not many of us can compose songs in order to express our feelings. But our natural affinity to music allows us to relate with the music that other people have made. If it is not possible for us to create our own music, we instead resonate with the feelings and sentiments that other people put into theirs.

As I thought along this line, it made me realize another important thing. Even if everyone could compose their own songs so as to perfectly portray their own feelings and selves I guess these songs would resemble one another. This is because, I believe, we share the same spectrum of emotions. Even if each one composes his own song, they would all sound like anyway.

What I am arriving at here is the mystery of our own uniqueness and connectedness. We may  be different from each other but we all share the same nature. We could be singing at different tones but it all adds up to a grand harmony that powerfully displays the beauty and grandeur of our own humanity.


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