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Be strong for those who need you
Be knowledgeable for those who will learn from you
Be ready for those who will call for your help
Be present to those who are alone

Be pure for those who’ll be inspired by you
Be there for those who love you
Be truthful for those who listen to you
Be honest for those who deal with you

Be life for those who are dying
Be hope for those who despair
Be faith for those who doubt
Be love for the unloved

Be nothing for those who need everything
Be something for those who have none
Be everything for those in need
Be someone for the no one

Be forgiveness for those who hurt you
Be healing for those who hurt
Be trust for those who are dubious
Be light for those who are lost

But most of all…

Be the voice for the one who called you
Be the vessel for the one who cares
Be filled with the One who emptied
Believe in the One who believes in you.


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