Happy Clean Day!

Here I am. I just finished cleaning my room and I feel happy. It seems cleaning up the now glossy white tiles follow a cleaning of one’s life. They say a change in your usual environment would somehow trigger a change much deeper inside you. Perhaps the outer cleaning may soon lead to an inner cleaning.

You might be asking why I have to clean my room. First of all, it’s my room, stupid. Second, I hate filthy and smelly rooms. Third, I’m a clean freak. Fourth, the room’s found in Don Bosco Pasil and I may have to leave it in a few days time (so it really isn’t mine, I’m just its steward). Fifth, I need some workout. Sixth, I need some psychological face-lifting.

It might be a menial task but the cleaning really made me happy. I’m a simple guy. I’m happy with simple things. Now I can brag that my room is dust free and fresh. If only people could find happiness in the simpleness of ordinary life how many more smiles could we find among the faces in the street. I used to think that happiness could be found in achievement and success. Now, I believe happiness is a disposition. We can be happy even in the most absurd.


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