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Highway Woes

I came home this week for my holiday vacation. I finally had a very nice, long, and warm sleep. When I woke up later the morning after, I was met by some dark news.

One tricycle was traversing the South Road bringing workers to a factory near our home when it met an accident. A speeding mini-bus, a speed devil, slammed into the tricycle’s rear side killing all the passengers including the driver. In just a matter of seconds, around six lives were ended, and to think those workers were breadwinners for their families.

The whole barangay that morning was gloomy. It was sad to note that the holidays for these families are tainted with death caused by recklessness. It was also a reminder that we can never know when our time to go comes.

Accidents like these, unfortunately, happen all the time in the highway. And it seems that people never learn anything and that human lives are payable by burial expenses. Does the government even know about this or are they keeping deaf? Is the law really that useless that such disorder prevails the roads?

Drivers ought to drive defensively. Transport people however are too concerned about money over life, safety, and time.

Over the years, how many lives were lost in car accidents, in hit-and-run? Even for animals, dog and cat carcasses lie on the highway after some mad driver drove in frenzy. Is human and animal life really disposable? Why won’t people make a bold move to stop these? Is this part of the evil that is in us that keeps us from acting?

Drivers with no sense of time is also a problem, for the public transportation at least. If you are riding jeepneys and multicabs, you’ll know what I mean. They’ll stop at every street corner waiting for some inexistent passenger.

Service. It’s a lost word. Few have it, but everyone needs it. I’ll stop grumbling now.


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