I Live On A Ball

I am reading the third book of the Chronicles of Narnia, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, these days when my mind starts to boggle down reading Philosophy. There is this one curious episode in the story that really captured my attention. (By the way, the movie adaptation is coming soon.)

When the passengers of the Dawn Treader were nearing the edge of the world, they were asking what’s at the rim. Would it be a chasm where their voyage would end plummeting down with the water? One of the Pevensie kids remarked that the world of Narnia would be different from our world. We live on a ball. At that statement, Caspian quipped wouldn’t it be nice to live in a ball where people on the other side live upside down?

It’s a funny episode but it’s worth reflecting. If I live in the Philippines, certainly people living on the other side, say United States, would be living upside down! But the earth so, so big, it seems flat. We forget that it is round, and that the horizon is but a line that hides the other face of the earth.

Our way of thinking is all about perspective, and having a good one at that.


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