Jesus Flevit


For you they fall, falling down to earth
Tears that sing my sorrow, sorrow for your worth
For you failed to see the day I knocked at your door
How I long to keep you under my wings
Your day of visitation comes today
Close not your eyes to the light of my day
Come back my children return to me
Open up your hearts, return to me
Break not my heart, my lovely spouse
For without me beauty fades from your house
My love will urge you on though times be dark
My love will keep alive your spark
Bro. Keith J. Amodia, SDB
Lyrics, Music, Vocals, and Video
Bro. Vince Michael Sabal, SDB
There were only two instances in the Gospel when Jesus wept. First, was when He wept for His friend Lazarus. The second, was when He wept for Jerusalem. This song was inspired from Luke 19:41-44, when Jesus wept for Jerusalem because she failed to recognize the day of His coming.
Many times, we too fail to recognize the coming of the Lord: in our daily relationship with him, in our brothers and sisters, and in the goodness that is inherent in each one of us. We are blinded by our own worries and cares that we fail to see the light of salvation breaking the walls of our own Jerusalem. So He sheds tears of sorrow and sighs his wish to gather everyone in the shelter of His wings.


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