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Jesus is Life – 5th Sunday of Lent

“You Raise Me Up” is a very popular and powerful song. It was composed by Ralf Loveland in 2002 for his mother’s funeral. When it was released, it had very little success; it almost vanished into obscurity. When David Foster was introduced to the song in 2003, he asked a budding singer Josh Groban to record it. It was an instant hit. For six weeks it stayed as #1 at the Billboard Chart. Ralf offered it for his Mom who raised him up; who loved and cared for him. Relationship like friendship and family can raise us up. In our fear and fright in this time of crisis, God will raise us up.

Our readings have very encouraging lessons. In the First Reading (Ez 37), the prophet points out the power of God’s Word. It can open graves and make people live! Prophet Ezekiel was speaking figuratively referring to the Israelites who were like dry bones. They were feeling homesick, discouraged and depressed because of their exile in Babylon. God, through Ezekiel, gave them hope and strength. He promised them “I will raise you up!”
Our Gospel (Jn 11), the seventh and last sign performed by Jesus, is actually a story of a family from Bethany very close to Jesus. Jesus was immediately informed by the family in Galilee when Lazarus got sick. But strange, he did not panic. He even stayed for two days more saying “this sickness will not end up in death but for God’s glory.” When he finally arrived, Lazarus had been buried for four days. But Jesus brought him back to life! Jesus did something extraordinary. Amazingly, he literally raised up Lazarus!
There are two lessons we can learn from this episode. One, nothing is impossible with God! We just have to believe. Jesus asked Martha: “I am the Resurrection and the Life.. Do you believe me?” An author once wrote: “there is never a moment when God is not in control. So relax! He’s got you covered.”
The second is, God’s Word is powerful. He is the source of our encouragement and strength. But also our words are powerful. It can impact another’s life especially in the context of the family. Thus, we need to find the good in each other. I believe, it is the love of the family that sustains us. One practical way to build up each other is through affirmation. Somebody said: “Affirmation are mental vitamins providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily.”
I have three suggestions for us our families: A. Choose your words wisely because words can either build up or destroy. In the family, we need to pay attention to the words we use. Are they kind? Hurtful? Negative or inspiring words? B. Affirmation is a language of love. It shows how much you care; how much you value that person. Let us be generous in affirming our parents, siblings, friends; our medical frontliners. C. Make it a habit. Choose to build up each other daily. Our words matter. It can give life. 
Prayer:Lord, give me wisdom to choose my words wisely so that I can be generous in affirming those around me. Amen. 

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