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Losing Memories

The provincial of the x-sems (the largest congregation in the world), Odie, asked me to upload the photos that I took last December vacation. Looking at the image files again reminded me that I lost half of the contents of 8 GB memory stick because of a freak accident. I don’t know what happened, maybe it was God’s will that half of what I took in two weeks, starting from December 19 and onwards were corrupted beyond repair.

I stormed, not the heavens, but the web for data recovery tools, and labored day and night to recover the files. Windows’ chkdsk utility is the main culprit for turning my folders into 32KB empty and useless files. No matter what data scavenging was done, the pictures were all gone (I’m rhyming again).

With all the technology in our fingertips and in our hands, we really can’t be so secure. True, digital photos help keep the memory alive but I think true memories reside in the heart (char!)

Now I remember and on a side note, that bringing the digital camera with you has its own downsides: you never get to be in the pictures! How often have I wished that I have clones to take my pictures.

Losing those data files may tantamount to losing memories, but not totally, only on the details. I just thank God for the memory that I have since birth which has kept all the back-up of those files.


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