Mama Mary’s Birthday

Last thursday, sept 4 I was in Don Bosco Technology Center. At the lobby, i found a student’s diary on the bench. One boy must have surely forgot or lost his diary, I mused. So I tried to check who this boy could be.. It belonged to a Grade 3 pupil.. one of the entry was written: bring a flowers on sept 8, monday. I smiled.
Before I knew it the boy arrived asking for his diary. As I handed it to him I asked:”what will you bring on monday?” “Flowers..” he answered shyly. “And why will you bring flowers?” I continued in a teasing tone.. “Because it’s Mama Mary’s birthday!” He blurted confidently with a smile as his eyes sparkled.
September 8 is Mama Mary’s birthday! Let us make her happy by offering her flowers. More than roses or lilies that wither and fade, let us give her a more lasting garland — a spiritual bouquet! I would suggest the following practical things: go to mass in her honor; one could say 3 hail mary’s offering it for more vocations or for the conversion of hardened sinners; one could actually memorize the Memorare, St. Bernard’s beautiful prayer; or one could do a good turn in secret for her; perhaps offer any inconvenience of the day to her like bearing the heat, putting up with an annoying classmate or paying attention to a boring class; perhaps one could say the rosary anytime this day.. Whatever it is, the aim is to please Mama Mary on her natal day!
Her birth is ordained towards her mission as Mother of God. In her birth we rejoice. One of her many titles is “cause of our joy.” Indeed she is the cause of our joy by giving us Jesus, the joy of humanity.
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