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Mission Accomplished – Ascension Sunday

I visited the home of a parishioner who used to be very active and committed in serving the Church. But due to a massive stroke, he was now bed-ridden. Half of his body was paralyzed and he was in pain. His wife and children were taking turns to care for him. I learned that he requested his wife that should another stroke occur, he wouldn’t want to be revived.
Though his wife protested, his reasons were admirable. For him, it is mission accomplished. He has done his duty. He has raised his children; he has served his family and the church. Most of all, he wanted to see the God whom he has served! Eventually, the dreaded stroke came. He left his family and went home to his Father in heaven.
Today, we celebrate the solemnity of the Ascension of Jesus to heaven. He had to bid farewell to his family and friends on earth. Luke (Acts 1) describes the scene in two words: he was taken up and a cloud hid him from their sight. In other words, Jesus just vanished; he disappeared. There is a hidden drama here. One could feel the great feelings of sorrow and loss of the disciples. Sorrow because they won’t see him anymore; it’s the end of a beautiful and amazing story. Loss because their lives will never be the same. In an instant, they lost their inspiration and light!
But this drama will be short-lived and temporary because, as promised, the Holy Spirit will come and they will be filled with new courage and fire. Here, Jesus teaches us that it is alright to feel sorrow and loss. God allows us to mourn and weep. Even crying has its benefits. Tears is one way that our body detoxifies itself; crying can teach us compassion.
There are three lessons we can learn from Jesus’ Ascension:
Advance His kingdom on earth.Before leaving, Jesus entrusted to the church-community a mission (Mt 28). He commissioned and commanded us: Go. Baptize. Teach. These are active words; the perennial mission of the Church and every disciple. We have to Go; to move; not to be complacent; always have a missionary heart. Baptize. Make disciples. Preach repentance and forgiveness. Then, he wants us to Teach; share the faith; grow in love and knowledge of Christ. This is how we advance God’s kingdom of peace, joy and love. It we find this hard, he assured us: I will be with you. Always.
Access to the Father.With his return to his Father, he will tell him: Dad, mission accomplished. I’ve done your will. He will surely show him the marks of his sufferings; the marks of and enduring love. Love wins in the end. He will not sit at the Father’s right hand. In other words, he will have full dominion and power. We now have access to God’s grace and mercy; access to heaven; access to God’s heart.
Await and long for his Return.His ascension will make us long for what is above. There are two tactics the devil uses against us: deception and distraction. He will deceive us with lies and empty promises; he will distract us and draw our hearts away from our goal. The true goal of a disciple is to be with Christ; communion with him. Our 1stReading (Acts 1) reminds us that this Jesus will return. He awaits us in heaven. Let us not get distracted by setting our hearts on the things of heaven. In other words: Kita-kits sa langit! Let us long for Christ. 
Prayer:Lord, teach us generosity to advance your kingdom in this world as we await with lively hope your return in glory. Amen.

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