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Mt 15:29-37 Following Jesus

Today’s gospel gives us a visual image of Jesus. He is a great crowd drawer. Matthew tells us he walked by the Sea of Galilee to visit the marginalized and inspects their plight. Then he goes to the mountain to grasp the wider meaning of people’s circumstances and show them a greater vision.

3 Kinds of People Follow Him: 3 H’s
1. Hurting: the sick and handicap-blind, mute, lame or deformed; those who are incomplete and wanted healing and wholeness. Jesus amazingly cured them all.

2. Hopeless: those who are desperate and lost. These are the helpless who come for re-fill. Jesus is their only option; their last resort. He is their refuge.

3. Hungry: those who need food and bread. Jesus multiplies seven loaves and fish for them. This gesture is symbolic of greater things Jesus can do. He can also fill up other hungers such as belongingness, meaning, forgiveness or redemption.

Are you hurting? Hopeless or hungry? Come to Jesus. Follow him. He can fill you up. He can supply whatever you need. He can give you greater light.

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